Accessibility / Safety

In the last years Villa Carlotta has developed different projects to guarantee removal of architectural obstacles and to make historic and botanic heritage accessible to everyone. 

Today everyone can access first and second level of the garden through two external elevators. Difficulty of walk during the visit has been reduced by the introduction of saving-gravel in the paths, preventing falls caused by irregular traction of the foot or the wheel. In the Museum there is another elevator that allows everyone to climb up to second floor and continue the visit. 

Villa Carlotta is one of the first botanic gardens to adopt Code of Conducts and to provide itself with an organizational, management and control model according to D. L. vo 231/2001 with the goal to protect safety and health of workers, visitors, environment and to defend simultaneously Institution and subjects who relate to it. Villa Carlotta is also the location of International Club of Knights for Risk Prevention. 

These are some examples of how it has been attempted to remove the most common architectural obstacles like steps, flights with excessive incline, rises. The administration commitment about accessibility of Villa Carlotta continues with development of new projects. 

The Institution has been collaborating with ANFFAS Association of Menaggio for several years during the exposition “Disability meets art at Villa Carlotta”.

Codice etico (PDF)

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villa carlotta ti aspetta - introduzione

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villa carlotta ti aspetta - il museo

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