Beethoven/Liszt Symphonic Marathon

19 August 2020

A tribute to Ludwig Van Beethoven, 250 years since his birth.

A "piano marathon" in three parts (at 11am, 7pm and 9.30pm).

The programme includes five of Beethoven's nine Symphonies, in the Franz Liszt's piano transcription: pages in which the Hungarian composer, himself a brilliant pianist, brings the orchestra's macrocosm to a more domestic dimension, without losing anything of the revolutionary spirit of Beethoven's research on symphonic genre. The Symphonies will be performed by young artists from the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel in Waterloo (Belgium) and by pianists Louis Lortie and Maurizio Baglini. The symphonies will be listened live in acoustic mode near the piano and in headphones (through the Silent Wi-Fi system) moving freely between the gardens and the villa.

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It is possible to buy a package dinner at the Cafeteria Antica Serra in Villa Carlotta between the end of the 7 pm and the beginning of the 9.30 pm concert.

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