Arthemision. The Myths of Nature

11 – 26 Juni 2022

Amazement in the face of things, the ability to be surprised, to listen to their voice have always been dear to the world of art.

Wonder is the goal of an ancient wisdom that is confused between myth and nature. Art becomes the vehicle of wonder that abstracts from everyday life to make us return to it with the new awareness of harmony, a rediscovered life cycle in which we dialogue with nature and rediscover myths and stories in it because it is part of us. and a new vision of ourselves is possible.

In Pintography, the technique invented by Marlene Luce Tremblay, the suggestions of the myth, with their ancient flavor become more concrete than ever, passages from our modern, human, irremediably human existences because as the artist explains

I am a dreamer and I dream of cities where city dwellers mingle in harmony with the natural world. I see skyscrapers intertwined with vines and rooftop gardens. In my world of fantasy, I see the Parthenon where Greek Gods and Goddesses call upon the natural world to bring peace & harmony to our world. Greek Mythology brings a sense of magic that is nurtured in my dreams of cities being filled with gardens and trees, where our humanity is expressed through our respect of the natural world as much as that of the people we love and cherish ".

In collaboration with Tablinum Cultural Management