1001 Notte

8 August 2019 — 5.30 pm

We are at the beginning of the eighteenth century when the great Arabist scholar Antoine Galland was the first to collect and translate a group of Arab manuscripts. It was the beginning of the fortune of the Thousand and One Nights and of the love for the Near East that will be reflected in European arts in various forms including the famous symphonic work of Rimsky-Korsakov. Still in the field of the fantastic that spreads so much in the 18th century is the other work: Peer Gynt by the Norwegian composer Grieg which contains among the most famous pieces of the symphonic repertoire.

Peer Gynt Suite No. 1, Op. 46
L’atmosfera del mattino
La morte di Åse
La danza di Anitra
Nella reggia del Re della Montagna

Shahrazade, op. 35
Il mare e la nave di Sinbad
Il racconto del principe Kalandar
Il giovane principe e la giovane principessa
Festa a Bagdad, Il mare, Naufragio della nave sulle rocce sormontate da un guerriero di bronzo