vous Brahms?

12 July 2023 — ore 21.30

You are invited to a full immersion in the most intimate side of Brahms’ music— his vocal quartets with piano-duet accompaniment, to be sung at home, among friends, and with a glass in everybody’s hand. This aspect of his musical world is perhaps less explored in concert programs than his great symphonic and instrumental chamber works are, yet it is no less authentic and sincere.


Christiane Karg, soprano
Patricia Nolz, mezzo
Benjamin Bruns, tenor
Michael Nagy, bass
Louis Lortie and Paolo Bressan, piano duet


Liebeslieder-Walzer op. 52
Drei Quartette op. 31
Drei Quartette op. 64

Vier Quartette op. 92
Neue Liebeslieder-Walzer op. 65


In collaboration with Associazione Musicale e Culturale Ars Aeterna