13 August 2021 — h. 6.30 pm


C. Debussy: Estampes
I. Pagodes. Modérément animé
II. La soirée dans Grenade. Dans un rythme nonchalamment gracieux. Mouvement de Habanera
III. Jardin sous la pluie. Toccate. Net et vif

E. Wolf-Ferrari: 6 Bagatelle
I. Con passione, ma non troppo presto
II. Allegro molto
III. Larghetto, con espressione
IV. Poco sostenuto. Molto agitato
V. Scherzando. Non troppo presto
VI. Moderato ma non troppo

F. Liszt: Réminiscences de Norma, S. 394

The ticket includes the concert and the entrance to Villa Carlotta. You can enter and enjoy the garden from 14:30. Concert will take place at 18:30.

This concert will take place in the villa for a limited number of places and you can experience it also open air from the garden or the bar with wifi headphones. Audio realized with Andrea von Salis® Recordings HD-3D system.

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