Only through knowledge it is possible to define the real needs of an artistic heritage, take care of it and transmit it to the future.

Thanks to the support of the Cariplo Foundation, Villa Carlotta and the "La Venaria Reale" Centro Conservazione e Restauro are collaborating on this project which main purpose is the preparation of a preventive conservation plan for the Museum and the Park of the Villa. The goal is to ensure the transmission to future generations of our inestimable legacy, an extraordinary historical-artistic and landscape heritage, deeply connected with the history and identity of the community in which we live.

The project starts from the need to rationalize and enhance studies and analysis of existing risks, updating them according to an innovative, structured and interdisciplinary protocol which considers both the asset itself and the context in which it is inserted.

The methods of analysis will be applied to various worksites. In this way, the resulting survey will make it possible to trace methodological lines, conservation priorities and preventive and maintenance activities. All these are necessary long-term guidelines in order to plan and improve the management of resources with a view to sustainable transmission of the Villa to the future.

Duration of the project
from January 2020 to March 2022

Centro Conservazione e Restauro "La Venaria Reale"

With the support of Fondazione Cariplo in the framework of the "Beni al sicuro" programme

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Forward to the future

The preventive strategy in the care and management of Villa Carlotta aims to involve the whole community, promoting the strengthening of the sense of local identity and transforming the public into a more interested user that perceived a greater responsibility towards the common heritage.

For this reason, institutions, professionals and citizens have been invited to share this path since its very beginning, starting with the press conference to present the project which took place on 15 July 2020.

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Knowing to conserve

Preventive and Planned Conservation requires a long-term strategic vision, oriented towards prevention and constant care of the artistic, cultural and landscape heritage and is an articulated process of production of new knowledge and stratification of information.

This phase of the project includes an in-depth diagnostic activity, which is fundamental to create a risk mapping that restores the interconnection between the garden, the building and the art collections, encouraging a more conscious approach to conservation activities.