The tale of Filo Flò

Waiting for Filo Flò part 1

Many, many and many years ago in Villa Carlotta there was a great mystery ...

When the breeze rose on the lake, the hiss of a siren used to break the silence of the night and long black shadows slipped in the dark: tradition has it that a monster was wandering in the villa, among the fragrant plants of the park and the wonders of the museum.

Starts here the greatest adventure ever lived at Villa Carlotta.

Waiting for Filo Flò part 2

Dark mysteries create great fantastic stories that are then handed down from generation to generation.

Many and many years ago, a monster was said to live in Villa Carlotta and he was terrifying all the inhabitants of the lake with his song. But one day a young nobleman, coming from a distant land, took up residence in the villa and….

The adventure goes on.

Filo Flò

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