Lucia Bergamini. Food Culture. A new way to the Haedonism

23 Juni – 7 Juli 2021

How could you translate the Haedonism of our Ages into Art? No sooner said than done! Through one of the most persistent passions-obsessions in contemporary mass culture: the exaltation of food as a hymn to the joy of life, to its sweetest and most carefree side. There is an art that, like a "boite en valise" of today, becomes a simulacrum of Food Culture, in a more pop and self-ironic key than ever. Lucia Bergamini succeeds in this task thanks to her masterfully hyper-realistic and balanced technique in the use of oil color. Her work is amazing for the chromatic variation that from the only chromatic range of primary colors that we see unfolding on the canvas. “I am looking for contact with anyone who admires one of my paintings - she said- It is a bond that can give him carefree moments, happy moments for the public to always remember that life is wonderful! "

LUCIA BERGAMINI was born in 1984 in Turin; lives and works in Asti. She has followed in her grandfather’s footsteps and since 2013, she has embarked on an international career as a hyper-realistic artist with dazzling success. The favorite subject of his canvases is food as a symbol of the joy of living. "With my art - she explains - I seek contact with the observer that gives him a moment of light-heartedness and lightness, which can cheer him up and cheer him up to remind him that life is a wonderful thing!" Today he collaborates with several galleries in London and in the United States and his works are found in numerous private collections around the world.

Exhibition is curated by Tablinum Cultural Management