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Welcome to Villa Carlotta

Villa Carlotta is temporarily closed to the public, in compliance with the measures taken by the Government to combact the Covid-19 emergercy.
You can, however, continue to discover the collections with our online webinar.

Planning your visit

Prior to your visit, particularly during extremely busy times and in the case of single visitors, we suggest booking your ticket here. Booking is optional and charged, but enables reducing waiting times. The ticket allows a single entry and cannot be reused. The staff may ask you to show your ticket at any point during the visit, and it must therefore be kept carefully for the entire length of the visit.

The organization and opening times may be viewed in this page.

Backpacks, bags, hiking poles and other large objects must be stored in the luggage storage area prior to entry. The luggage deposit available to visitors, are free of charge, can be used by inserting a 1 euro coin that will be returned when you pick up your luggage.

Comfortable shoes and clothing are recommended.


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