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The Museum is open every day from 10am to 5pm. Tickets include entry to the Botanical Garden. The exhibition rooms are on two floors.

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The Collection and the archive

In the early 1800s, Giovanni Battista Sommariva bought a series of masterpieces by the greatest artists of his era, including Antonio Canova and Bertel Thorvaldsen and those works are the most important part of the current exhibition layout.

Of the collection’s objets d’art remain still in the Tremezzo villa, there is the stunning 1823 canvas by Francesco Hayez, The Kiss, depicting Romeo and Juliet.

On the second floor, the private apartments, furniture and objects of Princess Charlotte, who was given the villa in the mid-nineteenth century as a wedding present when she married George II, Grand Duke of Sachsen-Meiningen.

Villa Carlotta also has a Historical Archive. If you would like to consult them follow this link.

Featured works

"The Kiss" by Hayez

The Last Kiss of Romeo and Juliet painted by Francesco Hayez in 1823 and inspired by Shakespeare’s tragedy is one of the cornerstones of Romanticism

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L'arte con chi ne fa parte!

Il progetto multicanale di Abbonamento Musei arriva in Lombardia per raccontare la Rete dell’800 Lombardo attraverso le voci delle donne e degli uomini che ne sono protagonisti.

Ecco la storia della Principessa Carlotta, del museo e del giardino


Cupid and Psyche

The god of love, with a kiss, is about to awaken Psyche from the sleep into which she had fallen after her journey to the underworld. A replica of the original by Antonio Canova from 1796, sculpted by Adamo Tadolini between 1818 and 1820.

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Thorvaldsen's Frieze

A masterpiece of nineteenth-century European sculpture decorates the Salone dei Marmi walls: the marble frieze of Alexander the Great’s Triumphal Entry into Babylon (1818–28), commissioned by Giovanni Battista Sommariva from sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen

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