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On beauty

The park and the museum are two big “classrooms” to explore for a hands-on informal experience: containers of stimuli and beautiful things, which our educators ply skilfully to engage students. We promise to keep you busy and if you need support before and after the visit to ensure that what we do together is a good fit for your work at school during the year, then just write to us!

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Educational projects

Educational project for pre-schoolers

The workshops for tinies focus on various themes: colours, emotions, Nature, the five senses.

Download a pdf (in Italian)

Educational project for 6-13-year-olds

The proposals for primary and middle school students comprises three main categories: science, art history, interdisciplinary courses

Download a pdf (in Italian)

Educational project for 14-19-year-olds

Countless insights into career paths for high school students: from art historian to biologist, restorer to plant pathologist.

Download a pdf (in Italian)

Inclusion is our aim

All our activities can be adapted and customized to meet special needs. Let us know your needs in advance and we will schedule a telephone interview with the educator accompanying your class: together we can organize the day at Villa Carlotta so that it is truly special for everyone.

And if you want to prepare in advance ... download two handouts designed for visitors on the autism spectrum or with mental impairments. The handouts are useful for preparing your day at Villa Carlotta with your students,

If you have special requests write to us!


We will bring some of our workshops to your classroom during autumn and winter months! Below is the list of those we can “bring to school”:

  • How the vegetable machine works
  • Cell, tissue, organ
  • A stroll through the millennia
  • It takes a flower – CLIL also available
  • Art underfoot: terrazzo and mosaic floors
  • Experiment with colour – CLIL also available
  • Let’s make a fresco
  • Villa Carlotta at school: let’s explore the park and museum ... without leaving the classroom!

Contact us to learn more and plan together

to download

Here are some tools you can use to discover the secrets of the garden and the museum with your students:

Villa Carlotta Explorers

A museum exploration route for ages 6–12, which you can download for free here, or purchase the printed paper version for €2 at the ticket office.

Download a pdf (in Italian)

School quiz game

A self-guided route, a series of quizzes that will help you discover the secrets of the museum. For children aged 6–12.

Download a pdf (in Italian)


"Visitors in Practice" is an experimental exploration path created in conjunction with Milan Bicocca University’s Department of Human Sciences for Education as part of a “Cultural Landscapes” project.

Here is a link to the project page
A downloadable pdf (in Italian) with the KIT materials
Write to us to book it and for information on its use

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