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Three hundred plants to be adopted

Every year the magic of the botanical garden of Villa Carlotta expresses itself in a blast of colors and a thousand shades of green. The blooms of rhododendrons and azaleas took place of roses' and hydrangeas' giving snapshots of a unique and unparalleled landscape.

The bitter difference with any other year is that - due to the lockdown - no one has been able to witness the beauty of the colorful shows that take place Spring after Spring. Last May, 22nd Villa Carlotta opened its doors to the public. With careful planning, we have put in place every possible measure to make sure that our guests could visit this magic place in a safe and peaceful way. The two months postponed season-opening led to a very serious loss for an institution such as Villa Carlotta, which has always been able to take care of the museum and the park treasures only thanks to the sale of admission tickets.

This is the reason why we thought of gathering all our friends and supporters with an initiative aimed at supporting this little wonder of our country. Thanks to our collaborators and the advice of an expert phyto-pathologist, we have classified and attributed a symbolic value to almost 300 plants situated in the botanical garden: from the imposing centuries-old wisteria that in early April diffuses its perfume all over the whole garden; the magnolias, the redwoods, the locust trees, the plane trees, and the birches, but also stunning hedges and flower beds with breathtaking views of Bellagio.

For a whole year after your donation, the tree or plant you'll virtually take care of will be named after you. Furthermore, as a reward for your contribution, we'll be happy to reserve you membership cards in a number which reflects the help offered.

Villa Carlotta is looking forward seeing you, the best of the season is still long, the air is clearer and more pleasant than ever this year.

Help us to welcome you in the best way, adopt a plant, save Beauty!

Adopt a plant, save Beauty

How to donate

Go to the tab linked to the "Adopt a plant" button and fill in the required fields. For any request for further information, please write to:

Adopt a plant

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