Adopt a plant, save Beauty

Adopt a plant

Three hundred plants to be adopted

Centuries-old trees, majestic blossoming, rare species and unique examples, like the centennial wisteria which climbs up the trunk of the black pine in a triumph of colours and scents.

Villa Carlotta’s botanical heritage is exceptional and preserve it is our daily purpose.

As it has been conserved through the centuries, we strive everyday to keep the beauty of our park and hand it down to future generations. It is no easy task, but it is more fundamental than ever: for Villa Carlotta’s cultural value, for its botanical varieties, for the environment.

You can contribute to the conservation of our heritage too, taking part in a collective commitment to preserve Beauty. For an entire year, you can adopt a plant of Villa Carlotta’s garden, which will be dedicated to you or to a loved one, and thus actively support its care by our professionals. Each contribution is important and, according to your preference, you can choose from the categories defined by our experts: ranging from the trees located on the garden paths, to the centennial examples; from rare species, to exquisite examples, and, yet, to Villa Carlotta’s symbolic plants, in case of a stronger commitment.

Yours will be a precious choice, and we feel grateful: you will be able to visit the Villa and its park with a free-of-charge ticket, which can be used on a day you can freely select among our seasonal opening dates, or you can choose to offer this opportunity to a loved one.

Your role is pivotal and while visiting Villa Carlotta you will witness in person the value of taking care of a unique heritage.

Adopting a plant is a commitment for the future: adopt a plant, save Beauty!

Plants in the historical park of Villa Carlotta

Depending on your preferences, we propose you a plant in one of different categories in the historical park, classified by our expert agronomists according to the level of care they require.

From specimens that benefit from a customary but constant care procedure, to rare species and hundred-year-old trees that require exceptional interventions, you can allocate your support to a plant included in one of the categories below:

  • floral species;
  • trees on the park's visitor routes;
  • centuries-old specimens;
  • rare species;
  • valuable specimens;
  • symbolic plants of Villa Carlotta.

Adopt a plant, save Beauty

How to donate

Go to the tab linked to the "Adopt a plant" button and fill in the required fields. For any request for further information, please write to:

Adopt a plant